Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography: Why You Should Hire a Professional

You may feel that capturing both wedding photos and a video are unnecessary, or could decide to opt for only photography due to your budget. But trust us; you might have this notion because you don’t know the import of videography. If you did, you wouldn’t hesitate to hire a professional wedding videographer.

For starters, your big day flies by, literally, and there will be things which you will miss, but will be beautifully captured by your videographer. Some examples of such moments are, seeing the emotional reaction of your grandmother as you or your partner says the vows. There are several other reasons hiring an expert wedding videographer is a great way to preserve unique moments — capturing both movement and sound — on this important day in your life.

We caught up with Mike Wallis who is a Wedding Videographer Cheshire who shared his thoughts.

  1. Expertise

Hiring a videographer, who is a pro, for your wedding could seem like an overkill, especially when you already contacted a photographer and your wedding bill keeps adding up fast. For this reason, you need to know the service you will be getting in return for your hard-earned money. When you are looking to hire a professional wedding videographer there are some things you should pay attention to. You should ensure that the person you choose can offer expertise on creating a captivating, well-shot wedding video; expertise of a good venue for your ceremony, expertise of the wedding flow; expertise about the perfect spot where the cameras can be set up, as well as best time and place to take a certain shot, or scene.

If your chosen videographer is not familiar with the venue or you intend to host a destination wedding, the professional needs to find some time to scout and get ready for the wedding. This shouldn’t create additional cost for you; it should be part of a standard service, which the professional wedding videographer renders to clients as a professional. These are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by hiring an expert for your wedding videography; at least, they will help relieve some of the stress which you can face when planning the wedding.

  • Capturing Sound and Movement 

While photos offer an image of a moment at a specific instant, wedding videos show more detail by capturing both sound and movement. With a video of your wedding, you can hear gasp of your partner during your first look, can watch the toast of your dad, and the laughter of your mom. Also, as newlyweds, you can watch your first kiss as well as your first dance, and the beautiful dance moves of your grandmother. No matter how artistic and beautiful photos are, they are not able to capture sound or motion; thus, a video is a must-have for your wedding.

  • Emotions

It is essential to hire a professional wedding videographer that will not only capture the raw footage of this great day, but also do the editing so as to design an emotional movie, which will be set to music frequently and will narrate the real story of the big day from start to finish. When you later watch this video, you will relive the moments of your wedding, laugh, and cry.

Highlighted above are 3 key reasons why you should hire a professional wedding videographer. We hope you will plan and prepare for your wedding successfully.