Thornton Manor

Getting married at Thornton Manor, located in the beautiful Wirral Countryside

Thornton Manor waterside pavilion is not your regular wedding venue. It is a mix of beauty and romance. Very different and unique from many other wedding venues you have seen. Your big day deserves a special and unique venue. If you crave to have a special event, the type that your friends will always talk about even after several months of your wedding, Thornton Manor Waterside Pavilion is where you can achieve this.

The venue is a Charming waterside located in the Thornton Manor estate. There’s no other perfect place to embark on a beautiful journey of love than this romantic and extremely peaceful environment. This wedding venue helps you to achieve an exceptional and impeccable ambiance.

The wedding venue is set amidst a beautiful woodland dell exuding charm and elegance. It is surrounded by rural greenery, and a hand carved bridge. It’s the perfect choice for a unique and utterly charming wedding event.

A summer wedding captured at the Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee

If you are looking to have a truly beautiful event, it’s Thornton Manor and no other place. The impeccable environment is a beautiful place set in the woodland of Thornton Manor. The lakeside marquee is an ample environment that can accommodate your wedding essentials including tables, chairs, bar, a buffet, the DJ setup or band, and a spacious dance floor.

This waterside pavilion is a versatile space where you can take great wedding pictures. The beautiful and idyllic surroundings create a perfect background for your wedding pictures. You will get the opportunity to take evergreen pictures here. There are reasonable places at the waterside where your guests can eat, drink, dance and mingle.

With this great venue, there’s no talk of getting cramped or any case of obstruction; it’s a spacious arena where your guest can enjoy their time. It holds a great partying area that provides your guest with ample space to party and dance.

Another good reason to consider having your wedding at Thornton Manor is the perfect lighting. The lighting is controlled by the grasses and beautiful flowers at the waterside. They create a perfectly controlled lightning that makes the environment bright and vibrant.

Every wedding needs a touch of style; this is just the perfect wedding venue for those who crave this style. If you are looking to have an absolutely unique wedding, your stop should be at the Thornton Manor Waterside Pavilion.  

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