Table Planners

Tips on Creating Your Wedding Table Plan and Where to Find Table Planning Tools Online

An essential part of planning a whole wedding, designing a table plan for your reception can come with a lot of stress. But by taking your time and ensuring that you do not rush to make last-minute preparations to create the table plan; designing your table plan can really be among the most pleasurable of your wedding experiences.

A typical wedding reception table plan could take one of these two forms:

  • Assign guests to tables, but there is flexibility in the seating arrangement at the table
  • Assign people, specifically, to seats

Below, we have provided tips for making a wedding table plan and included links to find online table planning tools:  

Adequate Preparation Is Essential to Creating a Great Table Plan

Tips to prepare for your wedding table planning:

  1. Make up your mind on your list of invited guests well in advance and try to stick to the number to the last minute
  2. Early on, collect a room layout from the venue of your wedding reception so that you can be clear about details, like number of seats, table sizes, and others
  3. Let your RSVP date be one month ahead of the wedding
  4. Make sure you have an RSVP list on an Excel spreadsheet instead of a piece of paper that you could easily lose
  5. Review your RSVP list and ensure that everyone is well accounted for; know the people that will be attending the ceremony and those that won’t be attending, and confirm from everyone 3 weeks before the wedding
  6. Download or register for an online table planning tool, such as https://www.tablerrr.com/; https://www.hitched.ie/planner/tableplanner/; https://www.allseated.com/; https://www.planningpod.com/seating/online-table-plans-software.cfm; and so on, to save you the stress associated with manual table planning
  7. Stay in touch with your venue and be clear about when they need you to send the table plan and about any penalties for changes in number of guests

Things That Can Ruin Your Table Planning

Leaving the Planning until the Last Minute

In the build-up to their wedding day, some couples make the fatal mistake of leaving their table planning until the last minute. Try to avoid this mistake so as not to add further stress to loads of stressful preparations and activities you are involved in for this important day in your life. 

Constantly changing your mind

You will have more than enough activities to engage in without the need to re-visit your wedding reception table plan every now and then. If you keep changing your wedding table plan, it could add to your stress or make you feel disconcerted. Try to stick to your original table plan, and you should only put any changes if it is necessary. 

Splitting up Couples

If couples are part of the invited guests to your wedding, make sure that you seat them on the same table. It is not good etiquette to split up couples, and such practice may look incongruous to the couple themselves on that day.