Styal Lodge

The Styal Lodge Wedding Venue in Cheshire, Uk

A wedding is beyond finding your soulmate; it further extends to making it memorable. Searching out a wedding venue is one of the top things to consider when looking to tie the knot with your partner. The venue you choose for your big day can add a touch of vitality to the event.

Speaking of wedding venue, Styal Lodge is a great environment to step into the journey of a lifelong adventure. Styal Lodge is a new wedding venue in Cheshire, UK. It holds every beautiful detail needed to have a perfect and glamorous wedding.

The cermeony room available for Styal Lodge weddings

If you are looking for a bespoke wedding venue to add a touch of style and glamour to your event, then the right place for you is Styal Lodge. This venue is an exclusive and contemporary wedding venue in Cheshire. The management of the venue is always willing to help you create a perfect and memorable wedding day.

Holding your wedding at Styal Lodge means the lodge is exclusively for you and your guest throughout your big day. Styal Lodge is a large and beautiful space that will accommodate your special guests without a fit. There are plenty of places with natural light in the arena; there is a black canvas available to give your wedding a perfect design. Styal Lodge has a lovely environment where you can capture beautiful pictures to look onto forever

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At Styal Lodge, you are entitled to Civil and Partnership ceremonies for up to 150 guests. There are three caterers made available; this means you get to choose your preferred menu for your big day. The lodge has a special room for the bride. This special room is available for use throughout the wedding day. The bridal room is surrounded by a garden; there’s also an en-suite bathroom and a dressing table in there.  The bridal room is just a perfect place to get ready for your big day. The room can later be passed on to the kids to relax and see a movie.

Evening celebration can’t be cut off from a wedding plan. Styal Lodge holds a large dance floor that is just perfect to have a great evening celebration or any sort of entertainment. They will also give you a list of the best DJs and singers in town, just look in the list to make your choice.

Styal Lodge is the perfect venue to have a grand and bespoke wedding!