Bridal Shoes

Wedding Shoes: What to Wear, Style Colours, Where to Buy

Wedding shoes probably sit at the top of your long list of bridal accessories that will match the style and colour of your wedding dress. For some brides, getting the ideal shoe for their wedding ceremony is just as fascinating as falling in love with the ideal wedding dress — they have been dreaming of the picture-perfect pair that they will add to their collection of shoes since they were a little girl. For other brides, comfort is an integral factor when finding a solid wedding shoe, which is a key factor regardless of the importance you attach to style. The wedding shoe style you decide to go for can be shaped by your dress style, your own height and build, the length of the skirt, and whether you will feel uncomfortable wearing heels all day or not. In this write-up, we will be discussing some factors to keep in mind when choosing the wedding shoes to wear and their style colours. We will also offer a number of recommendations on where to buy quality wedding shoes. 

First Find Your Wedding Dress

Even if you have stumbled on your dream wedding shoes, it may not be smart to purchase them if you haven’t found your best wedding dress yet (though you can get the shoes if you fancy them a lot “just in case”). You need to get your dress first because you want your shoes for the wedding to match and complement the dress in all possible ways, including colour, style, detail, and so on. Also, the length of your dress is important. If you’ve got a shorter dress, the shoes you should opt for can serve as a statement accessory, which will add colour, glitz, glam, and other things you feel your ensemble is lacking. For a longer dress, get wedding shoes that will serve more of a comfort purpose, and in this case, how they both match seamlessly could be of less importance.

Don’t Wait until the Last Minute to Get a Shoe

Though it is ideal that find your wedding dress first before purchasing shoes, you also need to consider them at the about the same time — not merely for the sole reason of trying to find a matching pair, but because you’ll need the pair for dress fittings as well as alterations. The height of your heel and how large the part of the shoe you desire to show, will be essential info for your tailor or seamstress to adjust your dress length.  By searching for the ideal shoe early enough, you’ll also have options of customizing it to your liking.

Decide If a Pop Colour Is Perfect

If you’d love to add a touch of colour for brightening up your bridal look, an amazing way to do this is by incorporating a new colour with your wedding shoes. A lot of brides make use of their bridal shoes as a means of having their “something blue”. However, there are several other colours available that you can pick from as well. You can select a colour which will match your bridesmaids’ dresses or flowers, or even choose a colour that will match the colour scheme of your wedding. Metallic colours, such as silver, gold, rose gold, as well as copper, can produce profound visual effect when any one of them is contrasted against white and can equally give a very elegant and glamorous touch to your bridal outfit.

Where to Buy Wedding Shoes

Depending on your location in the UK, here are some recommended stores in the country to purchase a shoe:

Lace & Favour

Rachel Simpson

House Of Fraser