Center Piece Ideas

Centrepiece Ideas — Tips for Table Decorations and Weddings

Your big day is all about little touches, and captivating centrepieces are a must-have to create memorable decor. While bouquets of flowers are just great, by designing your own cheap and easy decorations, you could incur fewer expenses and have more fun. The decorations will reflect the creative part of you and the uniqueness of you and your partner as a couple, which will make your “I Dos” a really memorable event.  

After picking the theme or colour scheme of your wedding, the next step you need to take is to start planning about ways of bringing this theme to life. And among of the most effective ways to do this is with your centrepieces and table decorations. To help you create these with ease, we have offered amazing table decorations and centrepiece ideas below:

  1. Flowers

Flowers are a classic go-to for table decorations in weddings and are a perfect way for bringing beauty, splendour and colour into your big day. When you are deciding on flowers, you can consider what blooms are in season during which the wedding is billed to take place; you also need to think about the latest floral trends. Whether it will be tall and decadent arrangements, or small and sweet bouquets, there is a lot that you need to consider.

  • Foliage

Though foliage is easier on your budget than flowers, it just looks as beautiful and is an awesome way to make a memorable and elegant statement. The foliage type you decide to use can help in bringing the theme of your wedding to life, with foliage, such as green succulents which are ideal for a rustic wedding or palm-tree fronds that are suitable for a tropical wedding.

  • Framed Photos

You can put a personal touch to your wedding tables by using your framed photos and those of your loved ones. You only need to ensure that you let your frames match your wedding theme, whether it is sleek black frames that are suited for a traditional wedding or antique gold frames which are great for a vintage wedding.

  • Candles

Candles are another wedding classic, which are a simple way for adding romance and warm ambience to your wedding reception. Though white long-stemmed candles are conventionally chosen for this purpose, there are many ways you can still adapt them so they can match your wedding theme. For a glamorous or vintage theme, you should pick gold candelabras for your centrepieces; for a more under-stated arrangement, opt for tea light candles; or go for candles in shades of vibrant green or red for adding colour to your wedding tables. Also, scented candles are great for adding even more ambience to the big day.

  • Glasses

Glasses, bottles or jars are an effective way for adding more texture to and sparking interest in your wedding tables, just like house flowers or candles. To create a different effect, try to fill a large jar or martini glass with water and put floating flowers or candles.

Highlighted above are great centrepiece ideas you can use to add more colour, ambience, and romance to your wedding reception. A well-designed wedding table will help spark interest of your guests in the ceremony and make the wedding a truly memorable one.