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How to Select the Perfect Colours, Flavours, and Styles for Your Cake

When you are set to get married, it could be exciting as you carefully look at every detail of the D-day. Apart from choosing a venue, a guest list, and a celebrant, you will have to reach some decisions on designing your wedding cake. If you are reading this article, it is quite possible that you don’t know a lot about wedding cakes (other than the clear fact that they are quite delicious); however, the more informed you’re, the smarter the decisions you make will be. In today’s article, we will be discussing tips for selecting the best theme, flavour, colour scheme, style, décor, and so on for your wedding cake.

Try to Attend a Tasting 

Customers are invited into the bakery during tastings for sampling spectacular cakes, asking questions, and reviewing portfolios. This is a perfect opportunity to speak with bakers, develop rapprochement with them, and gain a complete understanding of the level of their abilities. Choosing the baker for your wedding cake is a big deal; hence, it is essential that you know their personality, that you ensure they are really gung-ho about your special day, too. 

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Include Selecting Your Cake Style among the Last Things to Do 

Rustic semi-naked cakes could be your favourites, but if you are playing host to a black-tie ballroom wedding, the style might not be well received. You should consider dealing with the cake after you have taken all decisions pertaining to dress style and reception décor. These elements can be used as a blueprint for your wedding cake design and structure. Also, you should opt for a cake which complements the style of your venue, your gown, the season, the menu, or the flower arrangements.

Choose a Theme for Your Wedding Cake

If you already selected a theme for your big day, try to match your cake with that. Since you would love it if your guests photographed the cake and posted it on their Instagram, it is important that you choose a design that is both memorable and quirky to match the personalities of you and your partner. If the cake is to be put on display for the entire duration of your celebration meal, ensure that your choices of colour do not clash. More ideas can be found on the bridal guide.

Select Your Favourite Flavour

Just as the look of your wedding cake important, so is the taste. For this reason, you need to also take flavour into consideration. Make up your mind if you would like your cake flavours to have impact on your chosen colours. For instance, bear in mind that a rich chocolate cake will appear as brown in colour; however, you can still select any colour for your decoration, icing, or frosting. In the same vein, a delicately-flavoured vanilla sponge cake may not match dark purple frosting, garnished with bright orange sugar flowers.

In conclusion, as the wedding cake is an integral part of preparations for your special day — and the D-day itself — no stone should left unturned to design a captivating and delectable cake. To this end, you need to attend a tasting, make the selection of your cake style as part of the last things to do, pick a suitable theme for your wedding cake, and select your favourite flavour. Using these cake ideas will help make your wedding cake a beauty to behold and add to the mirth of the ceremony.

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