Ashfield House

Getting married at Ashfield House Hotel, Wigan

For a lot of couples, the process of choosing perfect places to get married is a clear-cut accomplishment that they do not even have to think about it twice. That is because there are several people, especially brides-to-be that have had one specific northern wedding location in mind that they have dreamed of being the ideal spot for their big day. In so many cases, however, it does not work out to be quite so easy.

If your wedding is soon, and you are tossing around many different ideas about places to get married, many factors can make this critical decision quite easier. The first step that you will need to think about is if the plans you have in mind are for an inside wedding or you would prefer a beautiful spot that is selected in the out-of-doors. This one step alone can help a great deal in pinpointing the options you are contemplating. Some of the popular choices for inside weddings include the home-church that your family belongs to, Ballrooms, recreational halls, and a wide assortment of others. Some of the popular choices for outdoor weddings include local parks, by a lake or beside a beautiful flower garden.

An Ashfield House Wedding photographed in Autumn 2017

Another factor that can help to limit the choices you are considering as cool places to get married will be if you plan the ceremony in your home-town or somewhere romantic away from home. In choosing to have the wedding away from home, it is essential to factor in that not everyone you plan to invite will be able to make the journey. That is the biggest reason why many couples are deterred from having wedding ceremonies away from home.

The specific wedding theme that you select for your ceremony and reception will also figure on the task of choosing appropriate spots to get married. While a barn or bed and breakfast may be enough for a country wedding, these spots would undoubtedly not be suitable for a modern-day wedding.

The number of guests that you expect to come to your wedding ceremony and reception celebration is also factors that will need to be considered. While some areas may prove to be great for small weddings, other areas are likely to be better choices for a larger-sized ceremony.

Taking all these factors into consideration as you consider different ideal spots to get married, is the best way to make sure you choose an area that you and your partner will feel happy.

A hot summer Ashfield House Wedding in Wigan

In short, if you are looking for an ideal venue to hold your wedding, Ashfield House Hotel, Wigan, United Kingdom is your best bet. Ashfield House is an exclusive wedding venue set in North West near Standish Wigan. This beautiful spot is warm and welcoming. It is indeed an ideal place to hold an extravagant wedding. Its recent magnificent renovation will create a beautiful blank canvas for your weddings without spending above your budget. Browse the offical Ashfield House wedding site.